we are made

With cie toula limnaios

Artistic Direction & Choreography : Toula Limnaios
Film, Camera & Editing : Giacomo Corvaia
Composition / Music : Ralf r. Ollertz, Paul Tinsley
Dance / Creation : Daniel Afonso, Leonardo D’aquino, Daeho Lee, Katja Scholz, Hironori Sugata, Karolina Wyrwal,
Inhee Yu

Costume : Antonia Limnaios, Toula Limnaios

we are made is a film made in 2016 by Giacomo Corvaia under the creative supervision of Toula Limnaios. I got the chance to co-write the music with Ralf Ollertz. We shared duties and sat for many a night drinking, writing and producing.

The film itself was first screened in 'die Halle', in Berlin, the home of the cie. Toula Limnaios

company and has since been screened at multiple festivals around the world including VIDEOSKIN (canada), Athens Video Dance Project, Cuerpo Digital Bolivia and many more.

While the film is not publicly available, showings will be posted on the events page. You can also watch the trailer below.