With Limitless Dance Company

Conceived and Directed : Mitchell Turnbull
Choreography : Mitchell Turnbull in collaboration with Limitless Dance Company Dancers
Dancers : Isabel Estrella, Allie Graham, Jennifer Horvath, Olivia Kingston, Kristie Pike, Rowan Rossi, Georgia Sekulla, Maddie Tratt, Alex Warren, Breanna Warters and Raegan Williams
Composer : Paul Tinsley 
Costume Design : Mitchell Turnbull
Stage Manager : Sarah Kennedy
Audio : Chris Kennedy
Lighting Design: Mitchell Turnbull & Sarah Kennedy

SE7EN was my second production working with Limitless Dance Company over in Australia. This time the theme was based on the seven deadly sins. If interested, you can read more about it here.

It's quite a dense and involved production. Hear and see more below.