With Polski Teatr Tańca

horeography : Urszula Bernat-Jałocha
Music : Paul Tinsley
Video : Jagoda Chalcińska (jago vj)
Costume & Set : Adriana Cygankiewicz
Light Design : Ewa Garniec

Percepcja was a large production which has been repeated several times over the past couple of years. The initial show was staged in the huge Messe hall in Poznan, Poland. We had a ton of fun with the cast and the lovely choreographer Ula Bernat-Jałocha.

The video work from Jago Chalcińska was really something special, she used live on-stage

cameras mixed with pre-recorded sections all of which were 'live-projected' on the humongous screen at the back of the stage.

The music has some of my favourite sections I have produced to date being techno meets dirty electronic crazyness. The whole thing was pretty damn freaky. In a good way. Check it all out below.