Homo Religiosus

With Choreographer Karol Miękina

Choreography : Karol Miękina
Music : Paul Tinsley
Costume : Zofia Jakubiec
Dance : Paulina Jaksim, Katazyna Sikora, Sandra Szatan, Dominik Olechowski, Grzegorz Polański, Paweł Zaufal
Graphic Design : Jolanta Drozd

Karol Miękina
Karol contacted me regarding his ambitious ideas for Homo Religiosus and we had a rather hilarious skype conversation. I loved the idea, steeped in religious overtones and classicalism with a modern edge.

Unfortunately I never saw the piece in full but heard it was great (obviously I'm biased).

The music is made up of lots of 'real' sounds, wood, metal, ceramics made into rhythmically modern landscapes.