Here After

With Limitless Dance Company

May 2019
Conceived and Directed: Mitchell Turnbull
Choreography: Mitchell Turnbull in collaboration with Limitless Dance Company Dancers
Dancers: Abigail Gasson, Jennifer Horvath, Georgia Sekulla, Bree Timms, Maddie Tratt and Karina Cruickshank
Composer: Paul Tinsley
Costume Design: Mitchell Turnbull
Stage Manager: Mitchell Turnbull
Lighting Design: Peter Rubie
Duration: 60 minutes

The third production with Limitless was based around the idea that as soon as we are born we are already dying and that the journey towards death is full of growth and decay in equal measure.

Obviously this level of potential darkness was well up my street, however the direction took a more interesting turn and the outcome ended up being a etherial journey with levels of vocals and choral melodic content.

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