Here After

With Limitless Dance Company

The third production with Limitless was based around the idea that as soon as we are born we are already dying and that the journey towards death is full of growth and decay in equal measure. more


With DAGADA Dance Company

Whilst thinking about developing a vocal side to my work that I had not used since the Violent Yoga days, I got a whiff of MYTH. So to speak.
The brief fit perfectly with what I wanted to pursue... an evolving, but repetitive trance-like soundtrack with lots of vocals and human sounds... more

we are made

With cie. Toula Limnaios

we are made is a film made in 2016 by Giacomo Corvaia under the creative supervision of Toula Limnaios. I got the chance to co-write the music with Ralf Ollertz. We shared duties and sat for many a night drinking, writing and producing.more


With Limitless Dance Company

SE7EN was my second production working with Limitless Dance Company over in Australia. This time the theme was based on the seven deadly sins.more


With Polski Teatr Tańca

Percepcja was a large production which has been shown and now repeated several times over the past couple of years. The initial show was staged in the huge Messe hall in Poznan, Poland. more


Solo Project

When I initially moved to Berlin in 2012, I brought just one computer, a circuit bent Casio VL-1 and a microphone. Travelling fairly light, I had also sold a fair amount of my gear to make the whole relocation thing possible. more


With Dagada Dance Company

Grenzland was a discussion piece based in part around the above quote. Focussing on and addressing the space between stigmatisation and enrichment, between exclusion and absorption through movement and sound.more


Solo Project

Both Sides explores the nature of relationships, the comings and goings, alliances and fallouts and how these experiences help shape our existence. In every relationship there are two sides, the one they let the world see and the one they keep to themselves.more

Homo Religiosus

With Choreographer Karol Miękina

Karol contacted me regarding his ambitious ideas for Homo Religiosus and we had a rather hilarious skype conversation. I loved the idea, steeped in religious overtones and classicalism with a modern (me) edge.more

Fin Amor


Written & produced in 2 weeks, Fin Amor was a crazy project performed in Szczecin, Poland. more