We are made has now been screened all round the world.

May 5, 2019


we are made (you know the film I co-wrote the music for with Ralf r. Ollertz back in 2016) has been playing in various festivals around the world including: VIDEOSKIN (canada), Athens Video Dance Project, Cuerpo Digital Bolivia with more apparently on the horizon.

I keep getting emails inviting me to the screenings. I did ask if expenses were paid, but alas... no. Getting to Canada, while it would be awesome, may cost a few quid.

Anyway, that means that firstly, all that hard work has been fully justified and also that you may even get a chance to see the film in a place near you as it keeps gaining momentum. Any news of new screenings will be posted here in the coming months. Maybe next will be TV? Who knows. ;)

In case you have forgotten all about it here's a reminder.